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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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i could rise above >> good morning everybody. tgif for this friday for real. >> we love friday. >> it is april fool's day. the day before ben celebrating. also intrailgt other thingings today even though we're not supposed to talk about them but check out ines's finger. i know she was happy lately. [laughter] but not going to make us happy. this isn't going to bring us down. chance of rain, thunder, won't ruin our day. but very nice. audrey puente has the full forecast. >> more than two million new yorkers see more money in their paychecks. a state new budget with increase in minimum wage that would
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>> high levels of lead found in new york public schools. elevated lead levels found at 30 other buildings in the district. >> support for sanders getting under hillary clinton's skin. she lashed out after claims from fossil fuel companies. who was that reporter? >> a green piece activist. so -- interesting. >> not easy running for the president. j my 7th grade class. kidding i was school historian. yeah. even as i walked up on stage, washington irvington high school -- >> a fan of muffy supposed to be the historian and what do my parents do -- move. fnlings it is april fool's day
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[laughter] >>you jerk. >> could have been better. >> first of all a gigantic spider. too large. rng but didn't freak out. ben's birthday he loves rhee reese's. >> chocolate. hershey company thanks you, free advertise iting. >> they love this. let's check the weather. audrey the april fools prank is coming on sunday. i don't know 40 degrees in april. that's prank enough. >> looks leak we're going to see 70 degrees today so enjoy that. colder temperatures by tuesday as ben mentioned. right now 64 in central park. 66 out in newark. same number in sussex and 50s across long island. keep in mind our normal high temperature for the day is 55 at
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in store for a mild afternoon. our winds are sort of in some sports but blustery from time to time so there will be some gusts happening in about 20 miles per hour today and we've had a few showers pass through earlier kind of quiet right now. but there's a line of showers and some thunderstorms developing off towards our west. associated with a cold front. ahead of that is warm air working into our region. and then later this afternoon the front will make its approach to increase chances of scattered showers and chance for a couple of isolated thunderstorms as well. so not a widespread rain that is going to come through the aye. have your umbrella handy it could produce downpour and you'll be happy you had your umbrella. waking up with cloudy skies still a threat of rain across jersey shore and east end of lilled and on saturday night there will be another quick moving disturbance coming through an could produce a snow mixing in motion of that should happen nod son valley across connecticut and probably parts
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so actually be out of here before you back up probably on sunday morning and much of the day will be pretty sunny and temperatures dramatically colder by then. we have a high winds watch that has been issued for national weather service from saturday night into sunday as we're expect gusts as high as 60 miles per hour tomorrow night. but today it's about scattered showers that we're experiencing as well as the mild temperatures. high numbers in 70s. term to in 50s and 40 degree on sudden but factor in a wind and it will feel more like the 30s so chill will be still hoar into the weekend. lepts see how it looks on roads thissing morning. ines is here with your track update. >> hey, audrey good morning . incidents out there, of course. start is off with the commute in connecticut. 95 northbound. no problem but a stall on 95 southbound wave out for that. and route 78 car flipped over
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over 78 b local lane to one and nine. exit 58a where that ramp is partially blocked with that thripped over. camera ares tack a look at your commute morning on lment i.e. in queens traffic westbound, we have some volume moving slow. watch out for an accident in in the area. with trains light rail with issues this morning. service us suspended. hudson bergen light rail suspend into the cove. back to you. >> thank you very much. ines looking glowing today. [laughter] >> top elected officials in albany have ironed out a deet to increase wages of more than 2 million workers in new york. >> a budget framework that would eventually raise minimum wage to $15 an hour across the state. let's go to fox 5's teresa priolo live in midtown for us with or more details on what we know about this this deal that was reached late last night. good morning. >> good morning ben and juliet,
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it is not an on time budget. but they do have that framework in place. it is passed the assembly now waiting on the senate. among things they are debating happens to be a minimum wage hike something that would easkt so many people, people that work here at mcdonald's an other fast food restaurants around this city, and if it goes through, it would be most expensive plan in the country. >> i applaud the leaders for pruning up this diverse plan, a plan that does this much good in this many different areas. >> governor andrew cuomo applauding state lawmakers for nearly ontime state budget a frame qork that governor says will help families of all different backgrounds statewide. most anxious grabbing headline, the minimum wage hike. >> can't lead a decent life. you can't raise a family on $1800 a years in the state of new york so we want to raise the minimum wage which in and of itself would affect 2.3 million workers.
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new york city to $15 an by 2018. in westchester on long island that will happen by 2021. there are some caveats for small businesses in city and upstate workers. another major cue for cuomo agreement on paid leave 12 to care for newborn, sick relative and or for families with military deployment. the concept a governor says boils down to quality of life. >> question don't live at work but at home with family website and we should have the capacity to be there when the family needs you. >> 156 billion spending plan allocates money for mta to redo penn station and louisiana guards ya airport for housing and homelessness and also toe combat terrorism. >> it also includes 4.billion income tax cut by 2025 so
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than $150,000 will save $767 starting in 2018. technologies now it's not all praise. some people who wanted other thingings that dujt call for like ethics reform, lawmakers back at it again today 9:30 a.m. ben and juliet, again, it is late. but this is not 2010 when it 125 days late. that was a late budget. back to both of you. >> we can handle a day or two. lights will stay on and people get paid on payday. so we'll make it through. teresa priolo in midtown. now to newark where testing has had found high levels of lead in the water at eight more schools in that city. >> this is not good. new york school district said 76 of the 324 samples collected in buildings last week above epa action level that means more monitoring and testing are are needed of those 16 came from water fountain or other source of drinking water. drinking water --
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yesterday test results come a few weeks elevated levels found at 30 schools in the district. i would be -- if i was a parent. >> let's talk politics new york presidential primaries two and a half weeks ago april 19th. stake ises higher than they've been since 1988. >> a reallily in the south bronx. bense told thousands of supporters if he wins the empire state he will win the white house. fox's kerry drew tells us all about the developments in the presidential race. >> it is looking much better for him. he was down by 30, 40 points now 10. . as of yesterday 12 below hillary clinton. good morning to both of you. political experts are saying primary is most important primary in decades. there are 95 delegateses. 291 on democratic sides. yesterday three of the presidential hopefuls were here to fight for votes. >> thank you south bronx.
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a big turnout for bernie sanders in the bronx with new york shaping up to be a key state? this year's democratic primary. >> the history of real change in america never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up. [applause] >> vermont senator looking for an upset but a new quinnipiac poll shows he trail hillary clinton by 12 points. clinton spent the second straight day campaigning in knock. holding rally at a purchase in westchester. >> i have one more million votes than donald trump. and i have two and a half million more votes than bernie sanders. >> this moment from the event now mag headlines. clinton's response to a green piece activist who accused her of taking money from fossil fuel companies.
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>> money from people that work -- standards -- >> on the republican side more fallout from front runner, donald trump's controversial comment on abortion. women rights activist protesting outside trurp's building in columbus, cork l l but trumple's campaign insisting he can still appeal to female voters. a lot of people may not like donald trump personally but they know he's the right person when you look at it issues important to those people. >> gop trifles criticizing his remarks. >> appears when he does refnts and people press him, he becomes unmord and then finds time to correct mistakes he's made. >> the latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about any of the serious issues facing this country. >> one candidate not in new york yesterday donald trump, he was
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with rnc chairman ryan. this a couple of days after he backed out of a pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. trump tweeted that he had a, quote, very nice meeting and that he's looking forward to bringing the republican party together. of course next big battle for all of these candidates is tuesday you guys in wisconsin. so -- >> thank you very much kerry drew. >> thank you. >> 6:12 this is final day of president obama's new clear summit. mr. obama will hold a press conference this afternoon after summit closes. >> last night held a working dinner at the whowtion. a special session is scheduled for today that focuses on the threat extreme fist groups looking nuclear materials posed to major city. this is fourth time they've gathered to discuss nuclear issues. >> information coming out of this had is really, really concerning. >> seeing a lot of law enforcement saying biggest fear is some type of dirty bomb. >> you know, people like isis groups like isis getting their hands on it. 6:12 now happy stuff.
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i don't know if that's happy. >> nothing will dampen our spirits, friday ben's birthday tomorrow and -- someone is wearing an engagement ring the in the studio and it's not me. >> not me -- >> someone, not sam. [laughter] >> all right folks let's talk numbers. 64 starting out in central park right now and that's where our normal high is. another warm day across the area but have your umbrella handy scattered showers with a threat of couple of isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon. you can track all of that wets weather with our live interactive radar found on our weather app dowload the it free to google play store and itunes store. just did a search for fox 5, and ny weather and you can follow the weather along with with us. stay tuned, though, more of
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[laughter] >> this is not an exhibit at seaworld. >> it's not? a >> a beach in southern california. yesterday a pacific grey whale swam up close to shore and put on a show. whale experts say young mammal making a first migration and
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in southern california. grey whales what is that? what does it say -- san diego maybe. anyway, we'll find outs. they constantly spend winner in baja. >> lock a winter in baja. redondo beach. sk all new over there. they usually travel 6,000 miles to summer feeding grounds off alaska. >> it is a cool down. >> south town. hermosa, manhattan beach we call it. oh, yeah. >> how do you pronounce that? >> man hunting. [laughter] >> i didn't -- >> the weather forecast -- i could use some southern california weather. april right now. there should be a switch that flips in, it's warm and not snowy. >> it is warm right now. so let's enjoy.
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let's live in the moment. enjoy today while you have it. >> a song -- >> that's depressing. >> we're expecting warm and breezy day across the tristate area. we're also expecting showers and there's a possibility of a couple of isolated thunderstorms too. there will be lingering showers tomorrow and turn cooler too with temperatures dropping significantly by sunsd and right now let's talk about rain activity. it is relatively light with a couple of spotty showers some off the jersey shore and now into the atlantic. overall quiet right now. but have your umbrella handy there's a threat of scattered showers through the day. 64 degrees already in central park normally 65 and that's the case across the northeast this morning. 68 in philly under the 70 in d.c. through there's colder air waiting in wings.
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detroit and we will get a taste of that tomorrow. so satellite and radar show light showers that passed through already. at a quiet zone and west here we have a front that's developing and moving in our direction. there's showers associated with it that will be isolated thunderstorms as front makes approach to region this afternoon so have your umbrella handy. high temperatures moving into the 70s once again this afternoon. tomorrow will drop down into the 50s. there will be some lingering showers in afternoon on saturday as that front kind of gets hung up just off our coastline. and then late saturday night into sunday. a quick moving clipper will pass through and encountering the combine with colder air we'll see threat of some snow mixing in especially north of the city and connecticut. it will be out of here before sunday and see mostly sunny skies but windy and colder by then and that will be the big talk over the weekend. let's talk about traffic this weekend and head over to ines. >> good morning audrey things
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we have a couple of hot spots for you route 78 start off with eastbound off the local lane to 58a. ramp blocked with a flipped over box truck. things on staten island heard adisabled by bradley avenue blocking a delay. l.i.e. over by clearview expressway here seeing activity this is eastbound one lane blocked with an bs there starting to tow it away. hope so . in the meantime minor delays. westbound side good. 59th street problem upper level this morning. that camera shot traffic slow because of an accident mid-span. lower level you can see underneath a better option queens bound no problem with lower level. hov lane, manhattan bound doing fiend and with trains there's police activity affecting light rail eve new jersey hudson. begin suspended and newport and the cove. ben and juliet back to you. >> thanks very much ines. in rich monday, virginia, as police training exercise at a
6:21 am
37-year-old state trooper chad approached a man at the greyhound station yesterday. they spoke or for a couple of minutes and then for some reason, the man opened it fire kill deermyer and two women injuries are not life-threatening. he was a former marine and been a virginia is state trooper for just two years. >> bernard sued by his former lawyer joe for defamation had. kairk had countersued but yesterday a judge did not agree that he filed suits to defame him or that kairk's new career as a political congressmen dayer to has been hurt because of that i shall ongoing legal dispute. a tough guy. >> scared to go up against that guy. more still to come and april fools prank created anxiety for
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>> billionlying -- bullying these april fools jokes.
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diagnosed with that condition has been had holding steady over past few years. the reports says one out of 68 children had autism in 2012 that's the same rate as it was in 2010. experts belief it could reflect better screening meths and more awareness. tomorrow by the way is 8th annual world autism awareness day and april is autism awareness month so we this morning are wearing blue poz l pieces on our la el and that is to support autism speaks and this campaign to spread awareness of autism. >> you gave me -- information it is more than 70 million people worldwide with autism. more children will be diagnosed this year with autism than with aids, diabetes, and cancer combined. >> that's scary what tow think of this? >> i don't know. >> i guess if you can it, you would be making millions of dollars. getting lectures.
6:26 am
through month of april. >> you know if you see these on people. your favorite deli could be laced with germs. cdc tested about 300 delis found half don't clean slice every four hours recommended and that's risk at salmonella and other creepy things. according to the cdc deli chain hads are mother likely to follow cleaning rule than independent delis. interesting. trader joe's closing no more next year. >> that went out yesterday. by the way not april first that ruins it for me. this was an a early april fools prank. don't worry they're not going anywhere. april fools prank but a day early. targeted trader joes but it wasn't a prank by them is the key here. >> you have to think they have to got their permission came out on yahoo! news announcing that tradesser joes would be close
6:27 am
january. citings -- financial problems. a lot of people took this store seriously and shared it on social yeetdz but fear not it was just a hoax. carried out by yahoo! news, trader joes immediately denied this story. anything to stocks? >> weapon -- we don't know. we'll be right back. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush
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oh. >> warm -- warm, it is going to be dampered by the rain that's headed our way. in the u 70s but rain on the way. the rest of the weekend is actually going to cool all of maybe a chance of a wimpy snow. sunday -- yeah. audrey will tell us all about it. exciting day in studio. thousands gathered in south bronx last night show their support for bernie sanders. yesterday. in west westchester county. >> more than 2 million new york rs will see more money in they
6:31 am
thanks to a deal in the budget. a minimum wage that will reach $15 an hour. >> tesla motors has a model 13 a ,000 reservations have already been taken for this electric car expected to cost about 35,000 dollars. much cheaper than previous test. >> very cool looking car. friday morning april 1st good morning i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy thanks for joining us on this friday. stop it. why do do you do this to me? >> laments look you throw it at me. and you can't tell what they are. up against -- >> try to time it. 6 can is better. so ben's birthday we like it is reese's products. so -- addition to sticks, and my little friend.
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overload. >> 35 years old today. let's see if people freak out when they see this. let's check the weather forecast. start it off with audrey puente. >> you need your umbrella. >>and that's not a joke. anticipating showers to rolls through the area. already picking up some on sky guardian radar and staying relatively quiet before increasing chance of rain showers happens later this afternoon. other big story are temperatures. they're very mild morning we're in the 60s and new york city. and points fin lands we're in the 50s out east in islip and bridgeport. 55 in afternoon and already starting at that or above that across much of the triare -- tristates area. a breezesy afternoon and winds will be pucking up term to night and talk about that in a little bit.
6:33 am
expecting a steady rainfall but scat isered showers with a threat of isolated thunderstorms later this arch. ts into the 70s once again across much of the region. cooler towards long island and tomorrow drop into the 50s. there's a change chance of lingering showers and clipper system will give us snow especially north of the city. and into connecticut. it will be out of here by the time we wake up on saturday. or more about cold temperatures too. let's talk traffic this morning with ines. hello. >> hi. problems already this morning with the bqe, start off with queens there. dealing with issues there. pin bound eper level you have an accident. take hov lane if you can or lower level heading into manhattan. and then l.i.e. after 94th street an accident there. eastbound side of the l.i. ement by clearview blocking two lanes cleared away so traffic accident
6:34 am
it can a look at long island by round swamp road parts of the roadway foggy there you have to be careful with that. but fine eastbound. westbound side of the l.i.e. here. no i talk about that bqe problem causing a lot of delays in huge mess. bqe northbound ramp to broork lienal bridge you can see some of these cars that went from bqe ramp to brooklyn ramp inbound and not allowed to go on there. so they have to stop the roadway and seeing cars back up and make their way to the qe but traffic at a crawl on bqe a look from the empire state building. delays back to gowanus at least but quickly build. ben and juliet back to you. >> thank you very much ines. over there -- yeah. the wage is more than two million new yorkers go up under a new deal reached by governor cuomo and state lawmaker as part of a budget framework that budget due yesterday.
6:35 am
budget set for a vote later on todays in the 9:00 hour. teresa priolo is in midtown with the latest. s teresa, good morning once again. >> due at 11:59 and so lawmakers back at it at the state capitol. your eyes sort of glaze over all of this. but when you look at the meat of this there's a lot of things that affects many new yorkers. start by talking about why we're in front of mcdonald's the minimum wage hike. that is one of the big game changers in this deal. here in new york city from to or $15 an hour by 018 me westchester and long island delayed by 2021. governor called this economic justice. and then other game changer, paid time off. the state budget deal call for 12 weeks time off those caring for sick relativing and those
6:36 am
deployments. governor cuomo called that a quality of life issue. >> we don't live at work. we live at home, with with families, and we should have the xafts to be capacity to be there when the family needs you. >> highlights that allocates money for education 24 billion. even more money for mt airings to penn station also money many there for second avenue subway. for the new louisiana gift laguardia airport. housing and homeless and also combating terrorism. so one thing that has everybody's attention this morning an income tax break that would go into effect after 2018. so ben and juliet, at the end of the day a lot in there for a lot of new yorkers and it seem to be targeted to so many different areas of our life that really improves the quality of it. that's the latest flied town this morning.
6:37 am
>> teresa priolo thank you very much. thousands of people gattered in south bronx at a rally for bense last night. >> held several events in city and suburbs yesterday as new york frill 19th primary inches closer. let's brings in fox 5's kerry drew has et latest for us from the campaign trail. good morning. >> both to both of you for the first time in deck decades u they say it matters in a presidential primary and with big delegate count at stake three of the campaign hopefuls campaigned here. >> thank you south bronx glsmght glsmght -- big turnout for bernie sanders in the bronx with new york shaping up to be a key state in this year's democratic primary. history of real change in america never takes place from the top on down. it always takes place from the bottom on up.
6:38 am
quinnipiac poll shows he trailed clinton by 12 points. clinton spent a second straight day campaigning many new york. holding a rally at purchase in westchester. >> i have one million more than donald trump and 2 and a half million more than bernie sanders. now headlines clinton response to a green piece activist who accused her of taig money are from fossil fuel companies. >> your work -- people that work for fossil -- i'm so -- lieded about this. sick of it. on the republican side fallout from donald trump controversial comment on abortion. women rights activist protesting outside trump building in columbus circle. but trump's campaign insisting he can still appeal to female
6:39 am
a lot of people may not like mr. trump prnlly but they know he's the right person for the job. remarks. >> it appears when he does events and people press him, he becomes unmored and has to spend time trying to figure out how to correct mistakes that he made. >> latest demonstration of how little donald has thought about serious issues facing this country. >> with donald trump has been relatively quiet over past 24 hours. he spent yesterday in washington, d.c. meeting with the head of the rnc at the party head quarter there is. this just a couple of days after he backed out of a pledge to support eventual republican nominee. donald trump tweeted that he had a, quote, very nice meeting with rnc chairman priebus and next primary is in wisconsin. back to you. >> kerry drew, thank you for that.
6:40 am
>> joining us from the fox business stowed owe is lauren simonetti. good morning big job report. rnl good morning, happy birthday. happy april fool's day. it's duper friday. seat market move but i want to tell you april great month for your portfolio march better. dow is up up 7% last month for first quarter up one and a half percent. check had out 401(k) statements probably positive if not you're probably not too far negative like you were first six week of this year. oh just awesome. things are getting better three reason for you number one u.s. is not going into recession and it is healthiest economy in the world. number two, oil prices rebounding so energy stocks, that trade off of oil prices and then number three federal reserve janet yellen saying lower rates here to stay labt but not as much as you might have thought so two rate hike this is year.
6:41 am
we were talking about that trick that yahoo! played on trader goas so privately held companies -- >> correct. make sense why they chose -- >> you were tag abouts tesla molds three. it does up % right now because there were 100,000 preorders for the model. >> i read some analysis if they can make this work in mid-priced $30,000, you know, field they can really be huge. they would go from kind of being a niche to essentially being a factor in the car industry. so we have to see what happens. lauren simonetti for us. lauren thank you very much. as she mentioned, tesla -- is unveiling latest model. thousands of people are already scrambling rying it shall think about the best tile to put this what they call spider on my shoulder.
6:42 am
before federal and state government incentive half of the price of previous motdzs. others are 70 to 80 higher than that. said to go at least 215 mile when is fully charlged. and 0 to 60 in six seconds. like porsche and touch screen panel and autopilot features. 135,000 people put down a 1,000 deposit on first day offed or tearing, however, furs cars will not be delivered until late next year. i think it looks nice . designing it to compete like with the bmw series or audi 84. >> so we have more. >> there's more. i have to get this out of my sight. ben's birthday is tomorrow, and here's your reese's stuff. i can't take it anymore. reese's streets sufficient 4:30
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>> i love peanut butter and chocolate. >> i love reese's piece. >> i stole that. >> you took to. >> i did not -- what are these? >> snack mix fail on the most popular. >> that's okay. >> about candy. so -- let's talk headlines so you know what had we can expect today another warm day across the region with temperatures in the 70s. breezy too. have your umbrella handy anticipating sures and isolated thunderstorm this is afternoon. lingering showers tomorrow afternoon and turn cool we are highs in 50s and then on sunday i think we'll starts off the morning with a little bit of a snow event coming in but relatively light and most renorth of the city around connecticut and hudson valley. and turn colder by sunday that will be the big difference and that wind will make it feel like 30s by then. ines what is beginning on in the
6:44 am
>> audrey -- >> what's going on in there >> bqe a lot going on driving into the city, though, hudson river crossing not bad of a ride. upper lower level at george washington bring. holland 15 from each approach. big headache this morning bq with e camera shot that's the l. ti.l.i.e. traffic inches to brooklyn bridge. problem is tractor trailer this is ramp backing off the roadway. he caused a shutdown and closed for past 20 minutes. such a mess there. plan an alternate route and statistically with that. everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect station wide. >> how do you hold both click
6:45 am
>> i used to play piano. [laughter] >> you notice i do that? >> there's something on your left hand. latest -- >> my watch. >> very initial. i notice he did it the night beef -- before. >> we have the latest entertainment news. a new chapter of top gun and a
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>> welcome back what is this first story. a new budget deal expected to be signed today. it will raise the minimum wage in the city to $15 an hour. that's why you're looking at some fast food shots there. the money to redue penn station and second avenue subway. j down in virginia state trooper stopped at a greyhound station and gunman killed with police. their injuries are not life-threatening. >> new round of testing with high levels of lead at 8 new schools. came from water fountains or other sources of drinking water. >> duke is off, so we have some sports.
6:49 am
april fools day start with hockey. devils down -- and panthers during the commercial break. [laughter] >> oh, my -- my heart. third period, moved in short side and scoreses second in two goals. 3-2 is the funnel. rangers made a trip -- deflects the shot to put it past henrik lundqvist you'll see it right there. game winner. game tied at three in the third. and aisles win it 4-3 the final. nets out in cleveland. lebron james under and up for layup. that gave him 26,659 point.
6:50 am
scoring list and finish with 24 on the night. calves beat the brook are lopez mets 107-87. derek jeter has signed on to be a player coach with the bite out of the australian baseball league. nope he hasn't. that was an april fools joke last night it was april first in australia by the way at the time. april fools day prank by australian team and tweeted bogus sign along with photo of jeter with their jersey. yankees twitter staff replied back saying good one. i thought you knew that was on your should earl. you were looking at me when i put it there. >> listen i'm half asleep. >> a baked bug. >> saw something crawling on the side. think it would be a joke and actually some creature -- [laughter] >> audrey i think we've had enough fun this morning. >> having fun at workday.
6:51 am
according to samantha. temperatures are warm for this time of year. our normal high 55 degree. we're well above that already at this early hour across the tristate area. always courtesy of a southwest wind flow going to help bump u up to above afng readings. winds are light appears at the moment but gusting from time to time and that will continue to be the case through the afternoon. we have a couple of light showers pass through earlier and mow moved to east and out to the west we have a cold front that's developing. and that's going to ig night more shower activity to our area in the afternoon and threat of isolated thunderstorm. warm air up and down southeastern seaboard into the triare state area and colder air working for the weekend. so for todays showers, most likely scattered showerses and a threat of isolated thunderstorm. temperatures arrive into the 70s for high numbers. into the weekend we have some lingering showers especially to
6:52 am
end of long island and into the 50s. saturday night into sunday morning there will be a kind of clipper system passing through to ignite snow showers up to hudson valley and connecticut. out of here by 7:00 in the morning so sunday remain sunny and dry. and temperatures quite cold. highs only in 40s by then and factor in a wind and it will feel like 30s. into next week another disturbance comes in late monday neeght into tuesday. much of the same action will happen. we'll have kind of a rain, snow mix coming in very early in the morning on tuesday and
6:53 am
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet
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internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> good morning. welcome back. we've had a couple of problems with the commute right now start off with harm deeingen blocking a lane. the bqe we also it's been a mess delay. let's go to camera shots at empire state building approaching brooklyn bridge reopened ramp to brooklyn brj blocked by a tractor trailer and did not belong there so that closure lasted 30 minutes backing things up there. as for 59th street bridge upper level a stall in the left lane there so inbound you have traffic slow. sick with lower level hanging into manhattan. trains on or o close to schedule. ben and juliet happy birthday ben.
6:56 am
a pleasant weekend. rosy o'donnell is never getting married again. after seening off on her divorce agreement with with ex-michelle she declared to reporter she's never get mard again you can print that. o'donnell filed for divorce in february of 2015 and preaversly married to executive named kelly carpenter o'donnell agreed to joint legal custody of their daughter three-year-old dakota. >> been confirmed that tom kriewlz will be staring in top gun two. >> we like that joel revealed news last nights to entertainment tonight. talks of the sequel to that classic that 80s classing has been circulating for years. original movie came out of the 1986. and anthony edwards. cialght but i'd be sad because they were part of the whole dinner -- movie it is ben's birthday
6:57 am
>> thank you. >> over o the hill. juliet's doings. thank you. >> ines welcome happy birthday. some are saying they think it's a april fools thing. no he doesn't know we're thinking -- got to run. congratulations. see you later. refresh yourself on the outside and inside with a revitalizing iced tea from dunkin' donuts. sip in a refreshing iced tea, iced green tea, or iced tea lemonade today.
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april fools day. yeah. are you ready? >> no. i'm not ready. okay, prepare for you're -- >> snakes, i've had what else? >> a snake was a great one. monkey mask. who know who is will happen today. ines rosales is play a -- >> can't tell if it's real or not. joining us april first. warm 64 degrees outside. >> but that's going to change i see that big headline there cool weekend. like in the 40s could be messy. audrey puente in for the still vacationing mike woods. >> school of neerk have high levels of lead includes two charter schools as we also. all of the big fans are in town. hillary clinton and bernie


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